Brendan And The Secret Of Kells posing

Some more posing I made for "Brendan And The Secret Of Kells". So far,the movie will be released in France,Belgium,the Netherlands,and of course Ireland,where it will be distributed by Buena Vista. What a privilege it was and always is to work alongside the super-talented "Baz" Barry Reynolds,who was also responsible for a big part of the character posing.Oh,and he also drew a charicature of me in about 30 seconds and was spot on,as always.I just HAD to use it as my Avatar on this blog.Thanks,Baz!


  1. Ciao bello! Glad you made it, we've been missing a Fabs' blog!
    Lovely stuff you posted here and it's great to see your personal work! More, more!
    Hey thanks so much for the link ;)
    How's the cat? Arrivederci!


  2. Hey man, great seeing your stuff again. Can't wait to see 'Brendan' next month

  3. Hey Paul,looking forward to see you at the Ballyfermot reunion! Love your blog,I'm still in stitches about your observation that loads of filmposters these days have dumb faces on it.It's so true and I can't help seeing it all the time now.

  4. Hola Fabian!!
    I hope you are doing good! nice drawings and animations in your blog, I never saw your works when I was there... post more stuff please

  5. Your an awesome draftsman. I wanna see this movie so bad! I hope eventually it gets a north American release....

  6. Wow, amazing work dude! These pose are awesome and I love his design!!

  7. Yes great character design by Barry Reynolds.
    and nice posing Favian

  8. They are all beautiful, but I especially love the one on the right. Very solid drawings.
    Thanks for the link to my blog!